The Affairess

As his marriage crumbles under the lie of his unemployment, Lyle pursues a woman on the train who is having an affair. Gainfully employed, happily married, and terribly duplicitous, his Affairess becomes an obsession. With her marriage strained by her own lie, Angela fights to accept a love she doesn’t deserve and, in Lyle, is threatened by a force she cannot control.

Their narratives collide in The Affairess, a dark satire about suburban mores under the strain of familial and economic collapse. With mortgages underwater and husbands disengaged, these young families must redefine what matters most of all.

Novel excerpts have been performed at seven Chicago-area reading series in 2012, and were featured at venues such as Columbia College Chicago’s Story Week Festival of Writers and the Sunday Salon.

Read the first chapter.

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