Losing Home

After a year of drifting across the country, 22-year-old Tom Macklin must abandon his family or return home to help his brother and sister sell the family house where their mother died. His adventures—mystified in California, lost in Idaho, bent in Colorado, and nearly burned in Iowa—and the myriad people he encounters force him to face the woman that was his mother and the siblings that are his last chance. The road becomes increasingly hostile and Tom is running out of money, means, and options.

An adventure of both place and spirit, Losing Home is part family saga, part travelogue, and part bildungsroman. Readers have compared it to Eggers’s Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and Camus’ The Stranger.

Two chapters have been excerpted for publication Losing Home excerptin the literary journal, Annalemma, another chapter was published in Hair Trigger 26 and later optioned by a film student, and excerpts have twice received partial scholarship selection.

Click for an excerpt, Chapter III, “That Smell”.

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