Here’s some book reviews published over the years. For every book I read there is one more on the shelf unread, and another due out to add to the pile.


This is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz
New City, 9/19/12

Suddenly a Knock at the Door by Etgar Keret
New City, 5/22/12

A Young Man’s Guide to Late Capitalism by Peter Mountford
Time Out Chicago, 4/20/11, Books

The Sherlockian by Graham Moore 1/26/11
New City, 1/26/11

Portraits of a Few of the People I’ve Made Cry by Christine Sneed
Chicago Reader, Lit & Lectures, 1/13/11

The Wilding by Benjamin Percy
New City, 11/30/10

The Thousand by Kevin Guilfoile
Time Out Chicago, Issue 286, Books

Slut Lullabies by Gina Frangello
New City, 6/8/10

Stations West by Allison Amend
New City, 3/29/10

Other Resort Cities by Tod Goldberg
Time Out Chicago, Issue 241, Books

Captive Audience by Dave Reidy
Time Out Chicago, Issue 226, Books

Lark & Termite by Jayne Anne Phillips
Time Out Chicago, Issue 206, Books

Doctor Olaf van Schuler’s Brain by Kirsten Menger-Anderson
Time Out Chicago, Issue 192, Books

Stray Dog Winter by David Francis
Time Out Chicago, Issue 191, Books

Babylon Rolling by Amanda Boyden
Time Out Chicago, Issue 184, Books

Occupational Hazards by Jonathan Segura
Time Out Chicago, Issue 179, Books

Secrets of the Sea by Nicholas Shakespeare
Time Out Chicago, Issue 177, Books

AWESOME by Jack Pendarvis
Time Out Chicago, Issue 176, Book

Hotel Crystal by Olivier Rolin
Spring 2008
Make Magazine, Issue VI

All The Sad Young Literary Men by Keith Gessen
Spring 2008
TimeOut Chicago, Issue 166, Books

The Baum Plan for Financial Independence and Other Stories
by John Kessel
Spring 2008
TimeOut Chicago, Issue 169, Books

Sticklebacks and Snow Globes by B.A. Goodjohn
October 2007
TimeOut Chicago, Issue 136

The Fevered Hive by Dennis Lewis
September 2005
New Pages

Tropic/of/Cubicle by Robert Maclean
April 2005
New Pages


The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction edited by Dinty Moore
Time Out Chicago, 10/18/12, Books

The Girls of Murder City by Douglas Perry 10/18/10
New City

Baseball Book Preview” Feature article reviewing four books for baseball season: Willie Mays by James S. Hirsch; Cardboard Gods by Josh Wilker; Big Hair and Plastic Grass by Dan Epstein; Are We Winning? Fathers and Sons in the Golden Age of Baseball by Will Leitch
Chicago Tribune, Printers Row, 4/10/10

Wrigley Field: A Ballpark Pop-Up Book 3/22/10
New City

The Plan of Chicago: Daniel Burnham and the Remaking of the American City by Carl Smith
August 2007
Make Magazine, Issue #5

What Went Wrong in Ohio
The Conyers Report on the 2004 Presidential Election

June 2005
New Pages


The End of the World as We Know It by Robert Goolrick
Summer 2007
Rain Taxi

Cockeyed by Ryan Knighton
Winter 2006-2007
Rain Taxi


A chronological sampling of lit journals reviewed for New Pages

  • The Journal (Vol 31.1)
  • Banipal (Issue 28)
  • Night Train (Issue 6)
  • Bathtub Gin (Issue 20)
  • Divide (Issue 4)
  • Yellow Medicine Review (Vol. 1)
  • The Cincinnati Review (Vol. 3, #2)
  • Iconoclast (#94)
  • Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet (#19)
  • The Threepenny Review (Issue 108)
  • AGNI (63)
  • American Short Fiction (Vol. 9, Issue 33)
  • Barrelhouse (Issue 2)
  • Heartlands (Volume 3)
  • Silent Voices (Volume 1)
  • Carousel (Volume 18)
  • Lorraine and James (Issue 1)
  • Nimrod (Vol. 49, #1)
  • Opium (#1)