News & Notes 2013

We made it through a Thanksgiving snowstorm in the Poconos on our drive back from Philly, and Lil’ Griswald has never been better.

I’m excited for the new semester, where I’ll be teaching the Writer’s Portfolio to graduating seniors. Students build websites and compile print portfolios to prep for post-collegiate life.

A few reviews have been published since the last update, a few articles, a round-up of jams and jellies (spreadable fruit is delicious), had an essay in The Way We Sleep, but the busiest aspect has been the new editing job.

I’m the editor of the Dads & Families section of The Good Men Project, a progressive digital men’s magazine engaging in a conversation about the role of men in modern life. Like our facebook page. You’ll find stuff like this:

A meme from a 600-page epic? Sure it’s wordy, but what a brilliant book. No one does characterizations like Steinbeck. I’m indulging in the letters to his editor, collected in full in Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden Letters. Each time he sat down to write, he’d pen(cil) a note on the left-hand side of the notebook, musings on life and the novel, then write the manuscript on the right-hand side. I’ve been reading an page each morning, while it’s still dark and the house is quiet, goading me onward in rewrites of The Affairess.

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